Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum might very well be my favorite museum in Los Angeles. And a museum is probably the best place to spend a rainy day, which is what we did last Saturday when I took my niece, Anna, for her birthday. I think Anna was a little freaked out to find that we are descended from apes. “Look how hairy we once were,” I told her. I also told her that she was a mammal and explained why. Throughout our time at the museum I would ask her if she was a mammal. Sometimes, she answered “yes” and sometimes “no.” One day, she will firmly declare “I am a mammal.”
The Mineral Rocks & Gems Exhibit was my favorite, along with the Birds exhibit. I find these mineral rocks to be so inspiring. Looking at these intricate and unique rocks, I find myself wanting more muted pastels in my wardrobe. Can one gal ever own too much pastel? The answer is “ no”.

I’m wearing my whooping crane shirt so as to match my endangered pal. It’s possible that this is a heron on my shirt, but don’t tell me if it is.
Afterwards, we played in the rain for a bit, and Anna jumped in a puddle despite Pete’s admonishment not to. I am the worst at disciplining her, especially when she behaves just as I would in a similar situation.
Pete & I are going to Big Bear tomorrow to play in the snow. Hopefully, the road up there won’t be closed. The crazy rains have created icy roads up in the mountains. I’m excited for the visual purity that snow provides.

If I don’t get around to posting until after Christmas, Happy Holidays to you & yours!

Outfit: vintage 80s whooping crane knit shirt, 80s herringbone shorts, vintage cape (thrifted), red tights (?), oxford shoes (Nine West).


  1. You and your niece almost match in terms of colors, how cute is that!

  2. You and Anna are absolutely adorable in your color coordinating outfits! How fun, love natural history museums, and those rocks really are gorgeous. The whooping crane shirt! So, so cool.

    Happy holidays to you, enjoy the snow!

  3. I love that beautiful knit top - and you look AMAZING in those shorts. And oh how I LOVE a cape.

    Good for you taking your niece out - my niece and I especially love the zoo. When she's 12 she can do the meet a cheetah (I've done it already but don't tell her!). Cuddling live cheetahs is the best! Nieces are the bomb.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I want your sweater!!! Ahhh you are amazing!


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