Thursday, February 3, 2011

in this shop that I call love



Earlier this week, I took a personal day off from work and hung out in Pete's shop, taking photos of my outfit and searching online for another Jeep to purchase, while he fixed my Jeep (which died on the freeway the day before). Turns out, it was just one corroded spark plug, and not the "grand finale" as I had thought.

It's rare that I get to hang out with Pete in the shop because I work full-time, but it's a past time I cherish. I especially used to love to walk in on him wearing his dirty suede "bolero" welding jacket and safety goggles while sparks flew -- my favorite sexy image of him. Our love has been through so many phases, and his shop has seen em' all.

Outfit: vintage 70s disco teal/green jumpsuit (thrifted), Stuart Weitzman heels (Nordstrom Rack)


  1. You wear that green jumpsuit so well!

  2. You're undeniably fierce in these photos. I love your green jumpsuit! It looked perfect on you. By the way, your hair looked great in these pictures. Ahh you're such an inspiration!

  3. I love that jumper!! May need to borough that one for a week or so... just say'n.... LOVE!

  4. dude! i really like the pairing of the flesh tone tank under the disco jumpsuit!
    well played!


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