Monday, February 28, 2011

jesse's bday weekend

pampas grass
Jesse’s bday weekend was so much fun. I was pretty decadent and stuffed my face with all kinds of sugar, including Amanda’s homemade cookies. I really flipped my lid when I took my first bite to discover an oreo cookie inside the chocolate chip cookie. I’m gonna try and lay off the sugar this week to make up for this weekend’s gluttony. The mixed-cd music swap was a success, and Pete & I came home with tons of new music. Elliott stayed the night on Friday, and after my photography class on Saturday, we all hung out, just like old times. We went to Joe Jost’s and played Canadian shuffle board, then we went thrift store shopping, and,
lastly, to Fingerprint’s Record Store. I bought Kate Bush's "The Kick Inside", which I really wanted on record.

Pete and I did some tag team photo snapping to capture these moments. We both shot with Minolta point & shoot film cameras, but mine is really big and awkward looking, kind of like how cell phones used to look when they first came out. I bought it for $2 at a flea market barn.

For Jesse’s party, I dressed somewhat Amish- like (my rendition), in honor of the Mexican-Amish look he used to sport so often.

the next day

I hope ya'll had an equally delightful weekend.

Outfit: 80s knit top, vintage wool pleated maxi skirt, ankle cowboy boots (thrifted), bullet & cross necklace (LB Flea Market)


  1. baby bottle of Maker's on the table, just like old times. wish i could've been two places at once....


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