Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i rode my bicycle [backwards] passed your window last night

But for the freakishly cold weather, and the hat lady vendor who must have repeated “Get a hat, get ahead” about 1000 times to passers by, and within ear shot of us, Stacy & I had a fun time selling vintage clothing last Sunday at the Long Beach Flea Market.  I wore one of my all time favorite vintage sweaters, a treasured gift from Mikey, who gave it to me when I turned 19 years old.  She found it at the thrift store, of course. It features a lanky gal with flowers coming out of her hair, riding backwards on a bicycle. I think it pretty much sums up my personality.






Fancy Disaster & Nakedcowgirl Vintage will be selling at the Long Beach Flea Market next month too, so if you missed out on this one, and you live nearby, you’re in luck.


Outfit: vintage 70s suede jacket, 70s sweater, vintage olive-green skirt, vintage Bass oxfords (thrifted), book necklace (etsy), Rodarte for Target tights. 


  1. when i saw the pics on flickr, i was afraid you were modeling the sweater for sale. i'm relieved it's still where it belongs!

  2. These photos are so nice, the first one is just amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Love the rainbow halos in the first pic.

    Please show us a close up of the bicycle girl?

    Looks like a lovely clear sunny day - perfect for a market!

    Sarah xxx

  4. such a lovely atmosphere in these photos.


  5. that sweater is truly awesome!

    it's been ages since i've been to a flea market...i'm itchin' to hit one up once the weather improves.

  6. Next vets will be great, maybe it will be warm enough we wont have to cover up our cute outfits with dumb-O jackets :)
    Fun Fun, everyone should come!


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