Saturday, February 19, 2011

the back side of dallas

Oh hi.
I've had this 50s tan dress forever & I'm always on the fence about whether I should keep it or sale it. Today, it was hanging on the rack to be sold at tomorrow's Flea Market sale, but I tried it on, and now I can't sell it again. I didn't do much today, except eat Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles for breakfast w/Pete, family and friends, then get ready for tomorrow's sale while listening to country records. It's been raining like crazy all day & the palm trees are beating on my windows. It's the perfect time for hanging in doors. In these pictures, I'm lounging in the "back room" which also serves as my wardrobe room, library, sewing room, and general disaster area. Big eyed creatures line the walls.

This is one of my all time favorite country music songs, sang by the beautiful Jeannie C. Riley. I remember first hearing her on the backside of a Johnny Cash record, when I was probably 19 years old. It was one of my first records, and likely the most influential. I felt I could relate to her songs about growing up poor and becoming tough and rowdy. You could hear the grit in her voice, and I loved to listen and sing along, and still do. What a lover and a fighter, Ms. Jeannie C. Riley.

See you on the back side of somewhere.

Outfit: 50s floral tan dress, Bass oxford shoes, vintage butterfly brooch (thrifted), Rodarte for Target tights.


  1. I grew up on a healthy dose of Australian Country music(Slim Dusty being my parents fave)waltz music,and American Country music,like Johnny Cash..there is so much to still discover,for me.I'll check out some Jeannie C.Riley,prob on You Tube!
    That tan 50's frock is beautiful,I can see why you have difficulty moving it on! It's so gorgeous,but it isn't the easiest colour to wear!But you do look lovely in it.

  2. I'd like to hear some Australian Country music. I'll burn you some good ole American Country music & maybe you can burn me some Australian country music, if you still have any. Thanks for the compliment, Helga.

  3. i remember when this dress was living in my closet for a few months. of course i wore it out a couple of times and it was always well-received.

  4. Good move keeping that dress; it's really pretty. I like the ric-rac collar!
    I also like hearing Jeannie C.'s grittier honky-tonk side; "Harper Valley PTA" is all I knew from her before.


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