Sunday, February 13, 2011

the sound of silence






The prodigal blogger has returned. what's up dudes? Goodness, it's been a while so here's a run down of my comings and goings.

First, I retired my dear old 1999 Jeep Cherokee for a 1997 BMW convertible with low miles and heated front seats, leaving me somewhat wondering "Who am I?" Though I bought the car for its classy looks, comfort, and smooth driving, I feel embarrassed driving a car associated with prestige and luxury. I admit when I saw the BMW with it's top down looking like one classy broad, I fell hard. And when I test drove it, I couldn't believe how much better it drove than the Jeep. The Jeep had a mind of her own, she was reckless and wild, and maybe I was too. But now I need a little more comfort in my life, and I'm still embarrassed to admit it (but I guess I just did).

My dad headed back home. While he was in Cali, he led his usual whimsical and often bewildering life, including praying for a wailing Jewish man in a cave in the mountains, which he related to Pete, my Jewish boyfriend. He spent a lot of time walking around my neighborhood, making friends with all kinds of people, flirting with older Asian and Latina women with accents about as thick as his, telling his whole artillery of jokes to all that would listen.
"Hey did you hear about poor old Willie Nelson?"
"No, what happened?!
He got hit by a car. He was playing on the road again."

"Did you hear about the kidnapping at the school down yonder?"
"No, what happened!?"
"Oh everything's ok now, he woke up."

I suppose it's kind of funny, especially because usually people are genuinely concerned. Sometimes, I tell his jokes, but I think I have better delivery. My dad can take a long time with the get out. Anyway, he stayed a good 2 weeks with me, which is much longer than I'm used to, then drove back to North Carolina, stopping in Houston,TX, to help the homeless.

Pete's been taking photographs with his new old film camera, and it's been fun being an amateur photographer with him. I've been playing around with slide film, which I cross processed. I'm not sure how much I like the effect. Green skies are kinda weird. (See above)

I've been spending lots of time listening to records, especially Simon & Garfunkel, hence this post's title, which also eludes to my internet absence. In addition, I've been trying to write more because it's good for me, and because I want to write honestly and well, and of course, I want to keep discovering myself.

Folks, I've been better, but I'm not down. The 50s pastel dress I'm wearing is a pick me up dress. I love the Spring colors. I've had this dress for a really long time, and I think it'll always have a home in my wardrobe.

Outfit: vintage 50s pastel dress (Flashbacks Vintage), 60s/70s Western jacket(thrifted), 1930s hat (Etsy), Cole Haan lavender loafers.

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  1. Well hellooooo gorgeous!
    Lovely post title,beautiful song.
    I drove a friends 90's BMW for a few days, great cornering!
    You look divine,the pix are so pretty and a bit haunting.


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