Tuesday, June 4, 2013

crooked fingers and all

Hiyee. I found this photo in my draft posts. The dress sold long ago, but I love how the pink color compliments our ever-present bougainvillea. As a southern Cali native, it's so easy to take for granted the bougainvillea and the palm trees, but if they were to suddenly disappear, I'd certainly go into mourning. I wonder if I'd feel similarly if my crooked fingers were to all the sudden go straight. After all, it's the little oddities that make us special.

I'll be sharing photos of my Arizona trip just as soon as I develop the rest of my film. My last roll was pretty crappy (though there were a few good shots), so I'm hoping my latest roll will be better.


  1. When I was in Mexico and then in California, I think I took a million (pretty boring) photos just of bougainvillea spilling over various fences and balconies. They are captivating when you're from the East, so tropical and vibrant, and they really are everywhere. Can't wait to see your Arizona snaps!!

  2. pretty!

    and thanks for the ukulele link :)


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