Monday, February 27, 2012

cave dreaming

Spending my days dreaming of spring time getaways. I have been pining for some serious cave action. I think a trip to the Crystal Cave in the Sequoia National Park will do the trick, though I doubt I'll get naked. It's freezing inside a cave!

Remarkable Photos by Ryan McGinley.


  1. oh wow these are beautiful! caves are so mysterious and otherworldly. and actually, as for getting naked in a cave, I have a story about that... basically bad idea, very extremely not good.

  2. LOVE that first photo, so amazing! Cave adventuring sounds like an awesome idea. You should do it :)

    I once got to go kayaking through a cave in Belize. It was wild, we had to wear headlamps to see and actually had to duck our heads to make it through in some spots. There were also bowl-shaped formations in the rock overhead and they were full of tiny fruit bats. That was a very adventurous trip.


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