Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blackstar Canyon

Maybe more than playing dress up, I like getting dirty and being barefoot in the great outdoors. Last weekend, Pete and I drove to Black Star Canyon, a region shrouded in mystery. Urban legends always kept me away as a teen. My friends and I were far too scared to set foot in Blackstar Canyon lest a Satan worshiper kidnap us and sacrifice our “virgin” bodies to the devil. Nowadays, mountain bikers and hikers flock to the canyon in abundance, but we found a peaceful place far from the maddening crowd where I could carry out my odd little fantasies of resting in hollowed out trees. We also took some photos for the shop, so you can expect a mini shop update soon. I'll also be selling at the Veteran's Stadium Flea Market (Booth # D-558) in Long Beach if you're in the area.


Crystal Lee


  1. These pictures are gorgeous, they look like film stills!! The smoky effect is so pretty.

  2. "get yourself a pistol, get yourself a dog...stay up all night gettin drunk and sleepin in a hollow log."

    you would be the prettiest hollow log sleeper ever i imagine. i am glad the pure natural beauty has usurped the spooky legends over there so you could roam wild and free.

  3. Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! That first shot especially, totally blew me away. So beautiful and dreamy. I love the one of you in the hollowed log too :)

  4. Barefoot is sexy, and so are you...


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