Tuesday, January 31, 2012

taste the rainbow: new in shop

turquoise madras top with 80s structured distressed leather skirt
1960s buttercup yellow lace mini dress w/large collar

1950s Audrey Horne saddle shoes 8.5

1950s chartreuse green barracuda jacket S-M
vintage leopard swing coat
1950s mesh bad girl pumps
Vintage Fishes Orange Maxi Halter Dress
1960s yellow knit 3 piece suit (fancy disaster)
Vintage Vera mini tunic dress
Vintage Hot Pink Shift Dress with Buttons and Bow SM

1970s sparkling blue disco jumpsuit S-M
the end
Thank goodness for sunny weekends! I was able to get some photos for the Etsy shop with my good pal, Stacy. We found an isolated hideaway in Palos Verdes and were basically totally alone for most of the time except for when a big dog sauntered through the hole in the fence, unknowingly showing us the entry way to a vast field of yellow wild flowers overlooking the ocean. So thank you random big dog that I originally thought had come to eat off our faces. (Sometimes big dogs scare me, especially after being hog tied by a rambunctious Boxer not too long ago when he wrapped his leash around my legs and then ran the opposite direction, sending me high up into the air and then hard down on to my knees and on to the concrete. I have a hard time believing it was an accident.)

I’ve found some great stuff for the shop this time around, stuff I am really tempted to keep for myself, but I’m trying not to be so greedy with my amazing vintage finds. The blue sparkly vintage disco jumpsuit comes straight from my collection and admittedly, I am feeling a little guilty about selling it. I found it at a thrift store in upstate New York several years ago, and I wore it all over Manhattan, on the subways, at old bars in the East Village. I hate to use the word, but I felt “fierce.” It’s such a remarkable piece, but the truth is I just don’t wear it that often, and I am determined to tame the ever-growing beast that is my wardrobe. To whomever buys this jumpsuit, love it and love it hard.

Please stop by Stacy's shop, Fancy Disaster, for more beautiful vintage finds and also please check out the other goodies in my shop.


Crystal Lee


  1. just curious - what did you wear underneath the jumpsuit. I love it, but have no idea how to wear it!

  2. Hi Kara,

    I'm wearing black "boy short" underwear & a black tank top underneath the jumpsuit. You could also wear black tights or leggings or a body suit.


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