Saturday, January 28, 2012

this is my square dancing dress

Hot Dog, it feels good to thrift a perfect square dancing dress in a pucci-esque print! And better still, I thrifted it in the day and dosey doed in it that very same evening.

my half assed attempt at big country hair.
Today is one glorious Saturday. This morning, I took a drive along the coast and in the afternoon I played on the beach with my best buds. The sun has been awful generous these last few days, and I am content.


  1. How neat, I own several square dancing dresses but haven't seen a print like this on one before! Pretty backdrop too, it looks like summer over in California.

  2. Wow, neat find!! My ultimate fantasy is to find some square dancing dresses at the thrift store, but they never seem to turn up there. Yours has an amazing print. And, as always, your photos are so gorgeous.

  3. Oh square dancing! Something that needs to start happening down in this part of the world a little more I think!

  4. Many thanks! This was a unique square dancing dress to be sure.

  5. Perfect square dancing dress! Clover has become a little obsessed with square dancing lately. I need to find her a mini version of this dress.

    I love the photos in this post and the previous one too, they are making me think William Eggleston, whose photos I love, are you a fan?

  6. Missa, I will keep my eyes open for a square dancing dress for little Clover. I am most definitely a fan of William Eggleston's photos! thank you for the generous compliment. Pete & I are amateur photographers and I can only hope to ever take a photo even half as charming as one of W. Eggleston's.


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