Tuesday, January 3, 2012

dancing into the New Year

New Year’s Eve was spent at four different homes throughout Long Beach, each house and host spectacular in its own way. I snacked on many tasty treats and danced to a wide variety of music including Dixieland jazz and boogaloo. I met a bird friend at one of the houses, a heartbroken lovebird whose lover had recently passed away. I know the feeling. I once had a best friend named Suki, a lovebird who sang with me in the shower, hung out in my hair, on my shoulder, and inside my shirt, who kissed me incessantly, and pitter-pattered down the hallway when I called her name. I still miss her, and she passed away nearly 12 years ago.

It was a foggy New Year’s eve, and we walked from house to house with sparklers in our hands. I wore a mauve velvet 1930s dress and was please to find that my best friend, Jesse, was wearing velvet too. We both ended up looking pretty old timey. I walked right through my dress somehow and tore a hole above the hem of my skirt, but it’s hardly noticeable. phew. Despite staying out much later than I’m used too, the evening was a hoot!

Outfit: 1930s velvet dress (Long Beach Flea Market for a reasonable $50), vintage peach shoes (thrifted), AA tights.


  1. Yay for welcoming the new year old-timey style! The party we went to was Fancy Fifties themed and so fun to dress up for. Your 30's dress is amazing. What a dashing pair you and Jesse made in your velvet :) Happy New Year Crystal!

  2. The dress is gorgeous! and oh my that is so sad about your bird, would love to have a pet like that x


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