Monday, January 9, 2012

Franklin Canyon

Pete and I have been watching the Twin Peaks series for the first time via Netflix Instant, and we are obsessed. When we found out that a lot of the series was filmed at Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, we knew we had to make a trip out there. I put on an outfit inspired by Audrey Horne and we made our way through the hills to our destination, which was more beautiful than I could have ever expected. The landscape was a masterpiece. Tall Pompous Grass swayed in the breeze. It was a tree lovers paradise filled with pine trees, oak trees, and even a small Redwood Grove, a rarity in Southern California. I forgot my SLR film camera, but Pete had his point and shoot and I’m impressed with the detail it was able to capture. I want to return again and again because it just may be one of my favorite spots in Southern California.

Outfit: vintage olive green knit skirt, 50s knit top, blue & white oxfords (everything thrifted).


  1. Beautiful. I would have loved to have gone but we had already told Meg & Derek we were going to the Limestone canyon... It looks gorgeous though... wanna go back sometime soon?? XO

  2. You're in luck, Stacy. I totally want to go back soon!

  3. gorgeous! i love your outfit. i have a couple of those cropped blouses that i'm gonna sell. they're so cute, but not on me.

    ahh twin peaks! i watched it when it was first on tv and fell in love instantly! i was in junior high and boy did i love angent cooper and bobby and all the stunning woman. i got all my friends to watch it when i was in high school. we had the whole series on laser disc(haha remember those?) and would have day long marathons. i wanted to start an all girl band and call ourselves the book house girls. great memories. i didn't know they filmed at that park. that's pretty darn cool. i think i need to go there now :D

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I love the majestic landscape.

  5. A wonderful set of photos, you definitely need to return to this area again! The photos also have a cinematic quality to them and I especially enjoy the last two. Sadly I've never seen Twin Peaks but will make it a goal to watch the series this winter.


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