Monday, January 2, 2012

the sun is going to shine on our backdoor someday

For Christmas, I always want an end to suffering everywhere, healthy and happy friends and family, and maybe a little sunshine to warm my skin and brighten my outlook. I received at least one wish this Christmas for which I am thankful, and I got to wear a red cotton 50s set for the occasion.

As usual, I hosted my family's Christmas dinner, not because I'm a good cook or anything, but because I'm the eldest sibling to this orphan bunch. Good thing my siblings and Pete are easily impressed! Nothing concerning my family is ever ideal, but I do my best to appreciate the time we spend together. We ate, exchanged gifts,threw the football around, and hung out outside around the fire. It was enjoyable.

I need to do more this year to help those less fortunate. Long Beach has more homeless people than ever it seems, many of them women. For me, all the suffering in the world is amplified around Christmas time. I feel heartbroken and grateful as the year comes to an end.

Happy New Year. May it be filled with good times, love, and empathy.

Outfit: vintage 50s set, red Keds (thrifted).


  1. You look beautiful the photo looks like it is straight out of a vintage magazine! You have a very positive and inspiring view on life.x

  2. What a lovely list of Christmas wishes, and this photo is beautiful!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Great outfit! Love the dressed teamed with the sneakers.


  4. Yep,for many,Christmas just amplifies what they don't have.SO sad.I generally find the whole season bloody irritating!
    You look gorgeous,and I'm pleased you managed to have a good time.

  5. Lovely dress! I love your Christmas wishes, too! Christmas always is strange a mix of warm-fuzzies and disillusionment for me; it's wonderful you're taking this as motivation to make the world brighter!


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