Wednesday, October 13, 2010

we're a happy family

happy family
big teetheses
I see my niece nearly every weekend (unless Pete & I are on a mini-vacation) because she's an absolute joy & I take her to ballet on Saturday mornings. When we're not at ballet, we spend the weekend dancing around to Johnathon Richman and the Shangri-las. Our dance offs last for hours. Our song is "Come and Go with Me" by Sugar & Spice. I really think we should do a cover of this song & start a band because she has the sweetest little voice & I have a deep voice like a man. Well, maybe not exactly, but I've been told many times that my voice is much deeper than is to be expected given my petite frame. Here's a photograph of her at ballet class, which I took with my recently acquired Pentax Spotmatic from 1964. I really don't know much about photography & using analog cameras, so I still have a lot to learn, which I'm excited about. That's the great thing about life; there's always more to learn. Guess which kid is my niece?
my niece's ballet class
Answer: the cutest one. She's the one with the perfectly pointed toes, with the lavender get-up, and the sunniest disposition. oh, she keeps me young.

Outfit: chambray mini dress (Topshop, thrifted), moccassions (Minnetonka)


  1. so unbelievably cute, look at that air!

  2. crystal, i hope you're not too disappointed, but i don't think your singing voice is deep. i remember the first time i heard you sing -- i was surprised because your voice is so child-like and sweet-sounding. it wasn't what i expected given the raspiness of your speaking voice.

  3. Gloom,
    you know me better than I know myself. thanks for the insight.


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