Tuesday, October 5, 2010

San Francisco: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Rooster Stage, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, SF

Every time I set foot in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, I become an extreme hippy or maybe I just become another aspect of myself. This was especially true for this weekend’s “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival” that Pete & I attended. We arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for T-Bone Burnett & special guests, The Secret Sisters. Everyone was dancing, marijuana permeated the air, whisky was the liquor of choice, swigged from half pint bottles pulled from pockets. I felt at home, amongst my comrades, and I felt free. Friday was a true adventure, and I’d love to share, but I can’t on account of my “top secret job.” All I can say is, it was the Hunter S. Thompson-esque experience I’ve been both craving and fearing simultaneously. There were soooo many people at this festival, which would normally send me into panic mode, but everyone was so peaceful & kind, and the vibe was so positive. People watched the performances while sitting or standing on the grass of the open meadows, from the hillsides, in trees, or on logs and stumps – anywhere that a spot could be found. The lush green, formidable and diverse trees of Golden Gate Park provided the perfect backdrop for the music. The sound of the banjo through the trees set my heart a racing, and my feet a running to hear it and dance. I most enjoyed listening to the singing of Steve Earle & John Doe, who ended their set with a sing-a-long to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”, Bonnie Prince Billy whose voice always makes my heart melt, and Hazel Dickens. Hazel Dickens, though in her mid-70s, still has a powerful voice; Her high lonesome sound suited perfectly the atmosphere. She was the last artist that we were able to watch on Sunday. Unfortunately, we did not get to watch Patti Smith perform, because we would have likely missed our flight. Boo! As such, I didn’t wear the 1930s dress I hadn’t wanted so badly to wear. (Note: Just watched youtube clip of her performance, and she was unbelievable, so bummed I missed it). I really can’t even believe this event exists. The line-up of artists was most impressive, and totally free!!!! We’re going to go every year!

While in San Francisco, we also did some thrift store shopping. I went to about 4 thrift stores in the Mission District, the best one being Thrift Town. I only bought a couple of belts, and Pete found a short sleeve Pendleton, but I could tell this store was one to be visited frequently. They had tons of stock and lots of great vintage linen. It very well organized and there was great people watching to be had too. I bought the watercolor maxi dress that I’m wearing in this post at the Goodwill on Mission St. I’m glad I decided to wear this dress instead of the one I had planned on wearing on Friday because it was more fitting for the occasion. The dress danced playfully with the breeze and added to the magic of the moment. I suppose it comes from the 1990s, but it has a very 70s romantic feel. I love the wide collar, the somewhat slouchy fit, and the watercolor floral print.

It’s raining today, which is rare in Southern California, and was unexpected, given the recent heat wave we just experienced. I love the rain though. It suits my romantic nature.

Outfit: vintage watercolor floral dress (thrifted), vintage 60s green coat (thrifted), 90s boots (thrifted)

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