Thursday, October 21, 2010

collegiate in lavender

When I wore this lavender/purple get-up yesterday, I didn’t even realize it was Wear Purple Day to raise awareness of anti-gay bullying, but I’m glad I could support, even it was unintentional. I do support the rights of the lesbian and gay community, and I pray that the day will come real soon when hate is replaced with love, and fear replaced with understanding.

I think I look kind of collegiate in my proper outfit, consisting of a 50s wool pull-over, 70s plaid wool skirt, 80s oxfords, and blush tights. The hydrangeas in my hair are from Garden of Whimsy. She gave me them free, since I purchased 3 floral head wreaths. The wreaths are going to be gifts for my girlfriends, Mikey & Desiree, who I’m going to be spending time with this weekend in Lake Arrowhead. It’s Desiree’s birthday! She’s been my best friend for 20 years now!!!! Isn’t that incredible! I’m hoping my girls will don their new floral wreaths & we can have ourselves an impromptu photo shoot out at the lake.

No motivational speeches today, folks, but I do want to welcome my new followers, and big thanks to everyone who reads my blog too.

Here is what Long Beach looked like yesterday when I got home from work. I like how the sky kind of matches my outfit:
Long Beach 6:00 p.m.

Outfit: everything thrifted except the hydrangeas from Garden of Whimsy.


  1. Smooooth! There isn't much that's better than 70's plaid!
    Thanks for popping by my blog!! :)

  2. Lovely; I can't believe how beautiful those colors are together.

    Oh, and there's nothing at all morbid about staying in GP's motel room-- in fact, I'm so so jealous!! He's my number one style icon, pin up boy, and musical hero. I hope you take pictures so I can visit vicariously through you!


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