Tuesday, October 5, 2010

messin 'roun with red and brown

well it all started with my work outfit for today -- a burgundy 80s sweater dress with brown 70s tweed equestrian jacket. I liked the color combo, so when I got home tonight, I decided to play around with these two colors, that aren't so often worn together. Plus, I get to show off the massive vintage brown Samosonite suitcase I just bought at the thrift store for $5.99. What a beast! How did people lug luggage of this size around back in the day? my word. I'm going to use it as storage for my sweaters.

Outfit # 1: vintage sweater dress & blazer (thrifted) red tights from TJ Maxx. Aldo shoes
Outfit # 2: vintage 60s reversible cape (thrifted yesterday), 80s bandage dress (I sometimes like to wear em" backwards, so they're more like a jumper), 70s knit apple turtleneck sweater, knit tights, and Aldo shoes.
Outfit # 3: vintage burberry-esque tartan plaid 60s swing coat (I've had this coat forevs; it's one of my faves)(thrifted) I've lost a button. Usually when this happens, I just pin a button pin from my collection in its place. This button is a picture of Woody Guthrie's hands as he plays his guitar which reads "this machine kills faschists" (made by my pal, Chris Svensson).


  1. love the color combination. nice photos also.

  2. whats up with your face in that one photo? i like the concept.

  3. dingo,

    third face? ya, I kind of look disgusted, but I'm not.


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