Friday, October 15, 2010

the milk of human kindness & an autumn outfit

My outfit of bold colors encourages the milk of human kindness, and that is a good thing. Yesterday, when I wore this outfit, I noticed an increase in smiles and hellos from strangers, and I believe my outfit was somehow responsible. How is my outfit responsible, you ask? Well, it stands out and, thus, promotes conversation. Also, it suggests an openness; I look like the kind of person who can return a smile. My dad always uses his outfits to open up the doors to conversation, so that he can make friends and minister to people. I guess that’s where I get it from. Somewhere, I have a picture of my dad wearing a white suit with lavender button down and lavender socks, and another picture of with him patriotically donning a white suit with an American flag tie in front of an American flag. I have similar silly sensibilities when it comes to fashion. Anyway, somehow my outfit made me feel sunnier than usual, and I saw the world through mustard amber lenses. I wonder, in your communities, do you notice whether or not people say hello to each other? I find that it is a rarity amongst my age group, especially in Los Angeles. A gal might look me & my outfit up and down, but it’s doubtful that she will show her humanity with the simple gesture of a smile or greeting. I admit I give the once over too, but I really try daily to be more friendly, and less reserved, and if my outfits can help me reach this goal, then, cool.
So what am I wearing: a 50s acrylic floral sweater, 60s orange pencil skirt, and new mustard top by Apostrophe (everything thrifted). Nine West shoes. Jewelry: Vintage earrings (thrifted), seahorse 50s style pin (vintage store in Nashville), ) and new book necklace from The Black Spot Books. The book necklace is made from old books, and contains paper that can actually be used. I’m going to have Pete write something on the first page, though he’s gonna have to write awful tiny.
I’m posing in front of what used to be my favorite book store ever “Acres of Books”, located in downtown Long Beach. It closed down about 2 years ago & has just been sitting there all lonely & abandoned. It was a massive, old, building filled with the best literature, and the intoxicating smell of musty books. I used to hang out there for hours. It reminded me of the bookstore that Audrey Hepburn’s character worked in in Funny Face, before she became a high-tone fashion model.
You may notice my puffy eyes & rubbed raw red nose in these photos. I have been suffering from serious allegeries these last couple of days, which I don’t understand. I should be immune since I’ve spent most of my life in thrift stores or outdoors.

Hello, Goodbye, Smiles, and Happy Friday!

Crystal Lee


  1. I absolutely and thoroughly adore and covet this outfit.

  2. That blouse is amazing, love the bib detail. Great colors too. It's fun to hear talk of style inspiration coming from your dad too, moms get a lot of mention in this department but pops not so much :)

  3. !!! your outfit and acres of books! I cant drive by acres of books without wanting to cry, it's so sad. I'd gone there since I was a kid, my dad would take us. there was nothing like wanderinggg and looking through the occult section or looking at pictures of kittens in the pets section when it was raining outside.SIGH.
    + your blog is great:)

  4. Thanks everybody!!
    Luisa, you've made me even more nostalgic with the rain imagery. I forgot the sensation of caressing and perusing old books in acres of books while the rain poured outside.

  5. You are amazing. I'm smiling over the internet, I hope that counts for something. ;)


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