Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Olvera Street and my favorite silhouette







Tor, my work buddy, has returned to work after 3 weeks out at seminars and then vacation. Without him, I am left with few work pals, and am, otherwise, pretty isolated, which can get boring for gregarious ole me. So, I'm glad that he is back. Today, we went to lunch on Olvera Street, and splitsied some delicious grilled and seasoned chicken. I love chicken, especially fried chicken. If I end up dying some tragically funny death,
it'll probably be choking on a chicken bone while driving. This image flits through my head on the many occasions that I engage in such behavior. What can I say, I'm a dare devil. Well, before I go off on an ode to fried chicken, I best tell ya'll a little bit about my outfit and the history of Olvera Street.

Olvera Street is the place to go if you want good authentic Mexican food, embroidered dresses (the kind that are still so popular on Etsy & Ebay), and Mexican wrestling masks. You can also get your picture taken on a donkey while wearing a sombrero. Besides being kitsch, Olvera Street is also historical. Olvera Street is home to some of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles, including the Masonic Hall, built in 1858. Unfortunately, the Masonic Hall, as well as several other turn-of-the century buildings, have been left empty & unused for some time now. The main thoroughfare of Olvera Street is bustling with tourists, though beyond the vendors and taco stands can be found a quiet cobblestone alley surrounded by old brick buildings, where Tor took some pictures of my outfit. We wandered around this empty alley, opening doors and exploring, without being bothered. It was kind of like walking around a movie set.

onwards to my outfit: My 60s pencil skirt and 60s leather swing coat create one of my favorite silhouettes. I don't usually wear all black, so I threw on this grayish/teal cashmere top for some contrast. After this weekend's series of ankle rolls, I decided to try and wear flats for the week. We shall see if I can stick to this plan.

Outfit: Everything thrifted, but the ballet flats, which I bought at Nordstrom's Rack.

Ciao for now,

Crystal Lee


  1. There aren't enough girls like you in this world!
    If you lived in London I would probably spend all my free time photographing you x

  2. and I would be so honored to have you photograph me. maybe running naked through the New Forest?

  3. You suit that sixties silhouette! We're going to try come out to California next year, and a long distance internetty friend of mine has reccommended Olvera St. You just confirmed it's greatness for me.


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