Monday, November 25, 2013

Inspiration: Michelle "EstroJen" Steilen

I’m sure ya’ll have seen these cute pastel roller skates all over the internet, prompting women everywhere to make mad dashes to Urban Outfitters to get a pair. These adorable skates were created by Long Beach badass, Michelle Steilen, of Moxi Rollerskates. But what makes Michelle, a.k.a. “EstroJen” or “Estro” in the roller derby community, really special and super inspiring is her raw, insanely talented roller skating ability. I always have hearts in my eyes for athletic women, and I'm crushing hard on EstroJen. Check out her gnarly roller skating skills in this video for Bones bearings. I hope it compels you to get rolling; I know I’ll be dusting off my old skates. 


  1. that was RAD! she's pretty badass, i'd be crying my eyes out if wiped out like she did :)

  2. With absolutely no offense intended to my friends who skate/have skated, EstroJen is the BEST!!! I haven't been to a bout in years but I still talk about her skills! She is the fiercest skater out there (and I don't mean in the Tyra Banks "fierce" way...okay, maybe that way too). The street skating is mind-lowing; she is awesome!

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