Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thank you for letting me be myself, SF

beautiful light streaming through Golden Gate Park
Prayerbook Cross in Golden Gate Park, erected in 1894, as a tribute to the "first English language sermon and use of the Book of Common Prayer in California."
Dancing at the Legion of Honor

Pete and the crowd at the closing of the HSB Fest.
We spotted these expressive foil men all over Golden Gate Park.
Can you believe it was over 80 degrees the whole 4 days I was in San Francisco?  I was unable to believe the weather forecast for SF, and thus packed my finest cold weather clothing. Despite being a little warm for my wardrobe, San Francisco could not have been more ideal, move giving, more welcoming. The bands that performed at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest, (which we try to attend every year), held in Golden Gate Park, were phenomenal. I most enjoyed listening to Mark Lanegan sing in his haunting baritone voice, as we sat on a tree stump on the hillside (he did an all acoustic set), dancing to Emmylou Harris (who is still the reigning honky tonk queen), and getting all teary eyed and tender hearted when Ralph Stanley took the the stage and belted out his songs in his highly distinctive high-lonesome voice (he’s 86 years old!). When we weren’t at the HSB Fest, we were walking all over town, eating yummy food, hamming it up, thrift store shopping. The thrift stores were so generous; I was giddy as can be. Gosh, I feel so free in SF. I can dance around town in fancy duds, and noone seems to give me a second look. What a town! Now if only it were always 80 degrees, and had affordable housing.

All of these photos were taken with my Iphone. I’ll admit I was pretty self-conscious about pulling out my phone every 10 minutes to snap photos. It just doesn’t have the same appeal as a 35 mm camera, and I suspect it never will (at least for me).

Outfits: 60s wool plaid shirt dress (Vets Flea Market, LB), 50s powder blue coat (antique mall in the Orange Circle), nude 60s chiffon dress (Vets Flea Market, LB), 60s knit white mini dress (thrifted)


  1. Wow I adore your white knit dress! It reminds me 70's hippies :)

    And I really understand what you mean about freedom, a city where people don't care what you wear or what you do is totally my dream! I wonder about SF (after NYC, this year I saw nyc so now it's time to go to California) since I saw a movie about Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant's movie; Milk.


  2. Love the white knit dress. I too feel free in San Francisco. It is a pretty amazing city. I saw one of my all time favorites at HSB several years ago, Smog aka Bill Callahan. It was a religious experience for sure.

    1. Love Smog! Love Bill Callahan! It's a shame I missed that one.


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