Thursday, May 17, 2012

spring time so far, and I couldn’t be happier.

there's rattlesnakes around these parts, and one day I'm bound to get bit.

The mustard weeds are high in spring. My dad finally left for Indonesia after a 6 week stay at my pad! My best friend had a beautiful baby boy just two days ago. I bought a new cowgirl hat; it’s cartoon heavy, and when I walk down the thoroughfare, I must cock my head from side to side to avoid hitting someone dead on and accidently knocking he/she out. I am going to turn my vintage eyeglasses into sunglasses soon because I love to wear them, and they’re currently prescription eye wear. The Topanga Banjo Fiddle and Folk Festival is this Sunday, and I can’t wait!

How is your spring going so far?

Outfit: vintage maxi polka dot skirt (thrifted), 80s polka dot puff sleeve (thrifted), 70s sandals (thrifted), favorite holey (and holy, as in sacred to me) Wrangler vintage studded jacket (thrifted). Vintage cowgirl hat (Long Beach Vets Stadium).


  1. Jeez could you be more adorable? love that pink polka dot number and the cowgirl had is perfect on you. That just proves how cool you are that you can carry off such head attire! My spring is looking up going on holiday soon xx

  2. I agree with Hannah!!! Looking like a Little House on the Prairie minx,but far more attractive!
    Ah,Spring....sounds like it is treating you well!

  3. such a cute skirt. Cool blog! Check my blog out and follow I followed you
    xx gabi

  4. these pictures are so happy! love the skirt!


  5. omg how cute are you!? these pictures are great & they make me smile! love the one of you laughing!

    im having a fun accessories giveaway, def check it out!


  6. Replies
    1. so very nice of you to say. Thank yo, Dina.

  7. Such a happy skirt!


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