Thursday, July 21, 2011

when work is play

some lo-fi photos taken with my point & shoot camera from two weekends selling at the Flea Markets. First up, Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. I wore my knit 2-piece alphabet Courier print skirt and sweater thinking it'd be cool out, but turns out it was the hottest day of the year. Ok, I know I say this about a lot of my wardrobe pieces, but seriously, this 80s set is one of my favorites and it's such a shame the print is so hard to capture in a photograph. I found the skirt first and then like a year later I found the matching sweater; both items hailed from different times and different thrift stores. Talk about luck. God is on my side when it comes to thrift store shopping.

Underneath my sweater, I wore a shirt by teenage millionaire featuring a vato and a hina chillin' in front of a motorcycle.
Stace passes the time by playing dress-up.

We entertain (and horrify) the patrons with a serious art piece: piranha boobs (which is for sale by the way in Stacy's store, Fancy Disaster, if you're interested). Piranha Boobs, it's also the name of our band. Hee-Hee. j/k

At the Veteran's Stadium Flea Market in Long Beach, I bought two vintage dresses from the vendor across the way (before even selling one item). Both of the dresses I bought are green, a color I seem to be drawn to these days. One of the green dresses is a 1950s Girl Scout's leader's dress. I never was in Girl Scout's and I don't think I would have made a very good leader, so it was a thrill to find this dress in my size, where at least I can pretend.

Don't worry, I'll dedicate another post to these dresses.
At the Veteran's Flea Market,I was smart & wore a bikini top and my Jimmy Z skirt(with attached bloomers).
Selling at flea markets can be hard work, but the time passes quickly when working and hanging with my good friend, Stacy. Later that day, I went bicycling with Pete and then to Fingerprints, our local record store.

I highly suggest ya'll come visit me when I'm selling at the Flea Markets cause I am a ridiculous push-over. At one point, I had to delegate pricing to Stacy because I was ripping myself off. I just can't resist cute doe-eyed Japanese girls chanting in unison "ten, ten, ten, ten, ten'. and I just love people and I like to make them happy when I can. I'm not much of a business woman, but I think my humanistic approach will pay off in the end.

wishing you happiness in all your endeavors,

Crystal Lee


  1. i love that pic of you on the bike!

  2. haha, Gloom, I think it looks like shit, but thanks.

  3. Hah love that you are a bad sales woman, you make me want to cut my hair shorter darn you. The bikini top is gorgeous x

  4. haha love piranha boobs - very arty. Looks like fun times!


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