Saturday, January 1, 2011

a dusty palette in the Antelope Valley

Adventure is everywhere! On Thursday, Pete & I headed up to Lancaster to visit his family, and stopped at the Vasquez Rock Natural Area Park, where tons of television shows and movies, mostly westerns, including "Blazing Saddles" have been filmed. It's just 1 hour or so outside of Los Angeles, but I had never before heard of it. I wore a silk lavender dress & pink knit cardigan, hoping to match the dirt roads & rocks.
The next day, we visited the tiny little town of Little Rock, where we ate at the humble "Billy Boy's Cafe", did some antique shopping, bought some candy at "Charlie Brown Farms" and hiked the muddy & slippery Devil's Punch Bowl. I didn't know that we'd be staying the night in Lancaster, so I didn't bring any clothes. However, we had gone thrift store shopping while in Lancaster, and I wore my latest finds -- a green 80s dress & blue velvet ethnic mirror vest. Cowboy boots are not the best for hiking, especially when the trail is muddy. Pete & I were slipping all over the place and thought we might slip down the mountain side. I was about to take my shoes off & hike barefoot in the mud.
We made it home in time to attend Jesse's New Year's Eve party & I danced in the New Year to really fast Cumbia, Mambo, and Rhumba, that nearly gave me a heart attack -- the music was sooo fast! I don't have any photographs of my New Year's outfit. It's been freezing here in Southern California, and I didn't even take my jacket off last night. What a wuss, I know. I may, however, have some photographs of the party for you in a few days. I sure do hope ya'll had a pleasant New Year's Eve & that you continue to enjoy the blessing that is living!

Oh ya, all these photos were taken by me & Pete with my Pentax Spotmatic. We still have so much to learn about photography. Even though these photos are mediocre, I still like em' better than the ones my point & shoot digital camera produces.

Outfit: everything thrifted except the pink cardigan (Wendy Hil, gift for modeling, a long time ago). Zodiac cowboy ankle boots.


  1. What an amazing location, these pictures are beautiful! I love the blue maxi dress too.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. What an incredible place!!!
    Happy New Year,lovey!! XXX

  3. beautiful pictures! love the vest in the second outfit.


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