Saturday, January 15, 2011

a very Nagel morning

I'm having so much fun this morning! I had my first day of photography class, and what a hoot that was. Our class is located in an seemingly abandoned area of the campus, so everyone was running late trying to find it, including the teacher. When I walked in, some students turned around and asked "Are you our teacher?" I jokingly replied "I'm older, but I'm not your teacher." Later, a sweet young gal turned around and assured me that I don't look old. I wasn't the oldest in the class, besides, not that any of this matters. There was a cute older black man in suspenders next to me. The teacher was hilarious and told of the dangerous situations she used to place herself in in order to get a good photo. One time, she saw a bunch of gang bangers, wearing their colors, and she asked if she could take their picture. "Hold on, they said, and went in the house. When they came out, they were armed with guns and ready to pose. I can't tell you how often I want to ask perfect strangers if I can take their picture because they look so dang interesting. For instance, yesterday, a group of teenagers came onto the Metro Blue Line looking like Kid and Play but 50s style. like a hybrid of Kid & Play and Happy Days. They were dancing on the metro, laying down moves I have never really seen, and making quite a scene. I had my point and shoot Olympus in my purse, but I wussed out. I hope this class gives me more courage to take photos of all the interesting peeps I see.

After class, I walked home, a good 17 blocks (how many miles is that?). I stopped by Salvation Army where everything was 40% off. I loaded up on lots of colorful vintage clothes & I can't wait to show you. A lot of it will be going in the shop. A short walk can seem infinitely longer when one is loaded down with thrift store finds.

After getting out of the shower, I threw on this very Patrick Nagel 80s outfit, and let my eyes wander happily amongst Nagel's illustrations. The gals he draws are so sexy, athletic, powerful, confident, and sassy. I really love their hair dos! I truly could have taken photos of every page of his illustrations -- the pictures are that bloody good.

It's so lovely today, like a perfect summer's day. I probably won't prance around town in this very Nagel outfit, but it feels good wearing it inside, as the sun shines through the blinds. I hope ya'll are having a wonderful Saturday!

Listening to: Pass the Dutchie
Wearing: vintage "Yes" 80s striped crop top, 80s Sergio Valente cut off shorts, 80s pastel kicks, pastel plaid 80s belt (everything thrifted), Mac "Amplified" lip stick.


  1. Hell YES. I LOVE the topless gal with the sunnies and gloves. How often am I doing my grocery shopping and I look down and go 'Damn, I forgot my top! Oh well, at least I have my sunnies and gloves on."

    You know, in all the time I have been doing photography nobody has ever said no when I've asked to take their pic. Not a single person ever! People are often flattered, some are utterly disinterested, some think it's hilarious but not one person has ever turned me down. Start asking - I'd say yes to you for just about anything (especially in those shorts!!).

    Keep us posted on your photography course - I'm really interested to see how you go.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Oh those Nagel pictures are fabulous! And I love your interpretion as well, you definitely do not look old.

  3. Sarah, Thanks for the advice.

    alabee, thanks for the compliment.

  4. a very NAVEL morning.


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