Sunday, April 3, 2011

Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens

Hiya friends,

Life is short, so I surround myself with beauty just as much as I can. The other day Stacey & I went to the Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens to walk amongst the flowers and succulents and snap some photos. I tried out Jesse's fancy Cannon DSLR camera (he let Stacey borrow it), but I still like film best. There's something magical about it. I am by no means a skilled photographer, yet with film I sometimes manage to produce an image that is pleasing to my relic soul.

film photos, Fuji Velvia 100:


some velvet roses
velvet roses

pink roses


digital photos:
surround yourselves with beauty






Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
- Confucius

Old shit is the best shit. - Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage 50s taffeta skirt, 80 corset top (thrifted), Michael Kors espadrilles


  1. I love your corset top! Fits like a dream! I think these photos are lovely... but I guess you miss out on the serendipity of film :)

  2. I am so in love with all your film photos; the colors are incredible. I second Rebeccak: that corset top fits you perfectly and looks amazing!

  3. How fun! LOVING that very first film photo so much. Also, the digital one of you on the bench, with the focus on the cactus in the foreground, very nice, and you look gorgeous :)

  4. I just love your film photography, I always feel so inspired to try some myself when I visit your blog. These are beautiful, what an amazing place!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. hehe you're very quotable :)
    The above ground roots of that tree are amazing!

  6. I think you have a great eye,I love all your pix,film or digital.I always like the light best of all.

  7. Thanks a lot, everybody. You gals are real nice.


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