Thursday, March 31, 2011

let me entertain you

Welcome to the laugh in
laugh in
where I will entertain you with my failed attempts at head stands
failed headstand

and wearing Pete’s big motorcycle boots. Then I will retire into my usual squatting position – must be the Asian in me.
pete has big feet

All photos by Pete using cheapy 400 film from the drug store.

Outfit: 40s western (hand me down), 90s cactus skirt, 80s motorcycle bathing suit (thrifted)


  1. As usual, great shots :) I think motorcycle boot crouching is my favourite, with the bottle and the suitcase it is sort of intriguing - like there is a story hidden in there.

  2. I don't comment nearly enough on your blog- but it's really one of my favorites! I love all your posts and they always inspire me to get out my film camera and mess around. I like the picture of the handstand, your legs look like a dancers.

  3. Nice knicker shot!
    I can't even attempt handstands these days-all that blood rushing to my head...ugh..
    Love the light in your previous post pics.beautiful.I'd love to sip martini's at that hotel with you,even though I'm not a martini girl either!


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