Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fall colors, summer dress.

talk to the armpit. haha. sorry for the in yo face arm pit action all the time.
there’s some bananas on my lapel, a recent purchase from Etsy.

a Long Beach sunset and it matches my dress.
long beach
More film photos (Portra 400) taken after work the other day. I am so happy about Spring and the longer daylight hours! Now, if I can just be more productive after work. This Spring, I need to do lots of Spring cleaning, get some of my finds up on Etsy, practice more yoga, dance a lot more, and start meditating on a regular basis. I also wanna go on a long bicycle ride. What are your Spring goals?

love to you,

Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage swimsuit dress, tweed blazer, Bass oxfords (thrifted), banana brooch (Etsy)


  1. I love love love your photos. Very tempted to get back to some film myself! That dress is amazing on you!

  2. Gorgeous :)

    My goal is to eat much less chocolate so I can fit all my summer dresses! :D


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