Monday, March 7, 2011

Friendship Park

I found a new park this Saturday. Friendship Park is on the top of a hill in Palos Verdes and overlooks the ocean and the city of San Pedro, but on this clear sunny day, I could see Mount Baldy & downtown Los Angeles. I walked up the windy hill, which switches from pavement to dirt, and felt so happy to be alive, and so happy to live next to the Ocean. I took photos of myself with my tripod, and there was hardly anyone around, so I didn't feel like a boner this time. I'm wearing an outfit almost identical to one my mom wore often on a summer's day in the early 80s when I was a child, except she wore red shorts. I didn't realize it until I had it on. Like my mom, I am a child of nature.
what the heck is this spot in my photos?
Catalina Island
Friendship Park, Palos Verdes
I must have got some smudge or dust on my lens cause there's a dirty bubble following me around in my photos.
Outfit: silk embroidered top, red keds (thrifted), purple shorts (Etsy), butterfly scarf


  1. The park is so beautiful! I rally like your top- it goes perfectly with the scenery. (I really think the last photograph is amazing). xoxo

  2. great photos and your outfit is super cute!


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