Monday, March 21, 2011

happiness is a sunny day

Well, the Flea Market was a wash (quite literally) on account of heavy rains and even heavier winds. The mighty wind blew our neighbor's Easy-Up tent in our direction, and I thought "Goodness, what a stupid way to die.", but luckily he caught it before it hit us. Meanwhile, we were holding down our Easy-Ups too, and couldn't pack up to go home until the winds subsided. Many men noticed our difficult situation, but not a one offered to help, though they wished us good luck. Pssssh. At last, a group of gals offered assistance. I wished someone was there to take a picture of Stacey and I in this hectic situation because on reflection it was actually quite funny. I am most ready for a proper sun filled season, so I can play on the beach, and have bonfires, and wear my vintage bathing suits, and be the me that I like best.

Picture 6

Picture 7

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images from the Life archives.

Stay warm, friends.

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  1. I look forward to seeing you prancing around the beach in your vintage bathing suits! Hopefully with cocktails!


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