Thursday, March 3, 2011

art school dropout, I like your swagger.

I love categorizing my outfits into obscure, made-up, genres. I hereby christen this outfit “art school dropout,” especially my long tweed coat, which I thrifted yesterday in Compton. There’s a lot of special details that go into making this coat a gem, including the HUGE pockets (the perfect home for a whiskey half pint, a camera, a notebook, and a pen) and over-sized lapel, as well as the unique tailoring.
Today, I wore two dresses because the top woven dress, which is really the anchor to my outfit, is too short for work. I’m always amazed at how many endless styling options exist in my wardrobe. The versatility of my top dress allowed me the chance to wear my 60s chartreuse-green kitten heels, though you can hardly see them given that I cut off my feet in nearly all my photos. I'm such a dweeb.
Not only did I come home with an new vintage coat yesterday, but I learned a new slang word – swagger. At check out, the thrift store clerk remarked that he liked my swagger. “Thanks, I said, What does that mean?” "Swagger means style," he explained. I thanked him for the new word, and put it in my HUGE pockets to be used for my blog entry.

Thank you & goodnight.

Outfit: everything thrifted, baby baby.


  1. Oh cool! I love the way you have layered the dresses here! I have always been into the layered skirt look - but this is taking it to the next level - pure awesome!

  2. Not only do I love this layered dress look, but you have the best street art behind you, too! From what I can see of them, those shoes are an amazing color.

  3. Such ana wesome look! The coat looks super snuggly,and also great for flashing! ha!
    Great street art-makes for a great backdrop!

  4. I like your swagger too ;)
    Not to mention the pattern on that tiny dress and the way you layered it!


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