Monday, March 14, 2011

skating into Spring

lavender divas
Magical pastel Sundays are best spent roller skating (and skateboarding) with friends. Contrary to their skate names, Judy Gloom and Jihad were perfect Spring time pals. I was so happy to experience Spring & Long Beach with my dear friends, and former team mates. Lavender cones (Echium Candicans) stood upright saluting denim skies, and kitties roamed freely in hillside flower beds. Even the angry rollerblader who yelled at us for taking up an "entire lane" could not damper our spirits. We talked about old times,bragged about old injuries, and made memories cheerful enough to carry me through any stinkin Winter.

Thank you beach volleyball team coordinator dude for taking our picture. just look at how menacing we are.




homeward bound



Outfit: lavender open weave vintage top, ruffle jean shorts (thrifted). These are my favorite shorts & I swear I've had them since I was 15 years old. My clothes are so loyal to me.

Photo credits: Ji(had) & her camera phone, my Minolta Freedom Zoom P&S.

Love yourselves,

Crystal Lee


  1. Gawd,I wear shorts like that if I had a body like yours!! OMG!
    Ooo,roller dreby sounds such fun;I'm aggressive enough,but I'd probably break a few bones! Being a decent skater would help!hahaha!Haven't done it in years!

  2. That does look like a magic day :) The mural is amazing and you guys look like cool incarnate on those skates :D

  3. Call it paranoia but I still haven't been by the beach (even our no wave one).
    You guys look great & what a fun day!!! I have a pink laser cut-out outfit like your top, it is nice & airy for the spring :)

  4. Stacy - We have to play beach volleyball this Summer.

    Helga - wear pads & you'll be fine.

    Stef - Thanks!


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