Friday, March 2, 2012

I might regret it in the morning

The childish urge to cut my hair myself seeps into my head ever so often, like a little demon it prompts me to willy nilly create some bangs (and with regular old scissors too, not special hair cutting ones). I truly have no skill for such things, and this lack of a knack for cutting hair runs in my family. I remember when my little sister used to chop away at her hair as a youngin', looking much like an Amish boy when she got finished. Gosh, she used to embarrass me so. And then my mother always insisted upon cutting our hair herself to save money. My brothers got the bowl cut and I somehow got a Don King hair cut that stood up high except for when I was in the pool where I was often mistaken for a little boy. So it goes. I'm not too worried about it these days.

I stayed home from work today to take care of some personal business. I've also been listening to records and doing some housework, though I really ought to do more of the latter. But goodness, who wants to do housework on a Friday. Happy Friday, folks.

Outfit: 50s nude sheer top ( Etsy), 50s shorts (Etsy), red 50s bra (vintage shop in Lancaster, PA).


  1. Golly gosh you look adorable, I do the same chop here and there, now you have me want to lop mine all off again, god darn you! That ensemble is gorgeous, love the blouse, such adorable pics! xxx

  2. WOW. I wish I looked this good after a home haircut. Gorgeous photographs, incredible ensemble.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic!! I always end up cutting my own bangs too, and it's usually late at night, with blunt scissors. I love everything about these pictures... outfit, records, even the li'l plastic horse!

  4. I trim my own bangs and a few months ago I even cut my hair! If you don't attempt layers it's not too difficult.

    I love this set of photos, your outfit and the records reminds me of a set of images featuring Natalie Wood I saw a while ago.

    Also, just wanted to let you know I included you in my weekly roundup of Vintage News, Links & Inspiration today: .

  5. i've always just cut my own hair too, & i still just cut my bangs w/ regular ol' scissors. you look lovely as always doll!!!

  6. I love your outfit!!!!!! I spent time just the other day listening to my records. It's so relaxing.

  7. These photos are adorable!! I am also guilty of DIY hairdressing. Normally it is all ok for a few days - then I wander down to my beloved hairdresser and atone my sins.

  8. This outfit is 100% dreamy. And your hair looks great. I tend to be a little reckless with my hair and kitchen scissors so I totally know what you mean!


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