Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hey, tiger.

I can't believe this sexy tiger stares with menacing amber eyes upon an elementary school. Doesn't he seem like a mascot for switchblade fights and wild make out sessions at some raging rock and roll high school? When I noticed it was an elementary school, I started to feel kind of pervy posing there in my pencil skirt and tight 50s cashmere top. Of course, I'm not a perv -- just a 33 year old gal with juvenile delinquent daydreams, manifested in my sartorial choices.

This is the kind of outfit I wear when I want to feel tough, and strength is what I've been needing this last week or so. I've been spending a large portion of my time helping a family member get into rehab. I've been angry, sad, stressed. I've prayed, practically pleaded with God.  I forgot to breath. I tried hard to control the situation. I let go, and my brother turned himself into rehab on his own just yesterday, and now happiness dances in my heart. Yes, it's been a rough week, but I l have learned so much, and I hope to apply all I've learned the next time that my strength is called upon.

love to the lost,

Crystal Lee

Outfit: 50s vintage pencil skirt, 50s cashmere top, Cole Haan penny loafers (everything thrifted).


  1. Crystal - that sounds like a tough week, glad you came through it ok and I hope things settle down.

    The outfit is stunning!

  2. i have been there with my brother as well. a few times, actually. it is incredibly frustrating and sad at the same time. i hope your brother is in a good place now with his recovery. you are a wonderful sister for helping. unfortunately, i am past the point of trying anymore and it kills my heart, but people need to want to help themselves. sounds like your brother was ready.

    i hate to get into all of that here on old blogspot. i just hope you know, you're not alone. we haven't met yet, but if you ever want to chat, please grab my number from tor.

    love the shoes, by the way.

    hang in there, tiger. xo.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Stephanie, and for offering your ear. We will meet soon, I'm sure.

  4. What a crappy week it is good that he has taken the step to get help though.
    You look so badass my favourite silhouette! pencil skirt and sweater xxx


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