Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the trees are opening up their hearts in Northern Arizona

wearing some old boy scout shorts that I thrifted when I was 15.

Well, I would have taken more photos of the golden trees in Northern Arizona, but they were most abundant when we were headed out of Prescott and our truck was dangerously low on gas, and I didn't want to pester Pete to stop the car so I could take photos every second, but I am majorly suffering from photographer's remorse now. The trees were the prettiest golden hue and it was like they were all opening up their hearts for us to see. I was quite taken with the stately, iconic, Saguaro cacti too.


  1. I love your vacation photos... that lighting is magically golden! Gorgeous!

  2. These are yours? They look like they're from a magazine. x hivenn

  3. That photo on the road is stunning! But all the more special for being one of only a few! :)

  4. Thanks, gals! Hivenn, these are my photos and Pete's too.


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