Monday, November 14, 2011

an "outdoorsy" look

Alongside the Donald Trump Golf Course in Palos Verdes, there is a trail that leads to a rugged, rocky, desolate beach. I took the steep dirt trail down to the beach and found myself completely alone, but for the makeshift teepee, created from twigs,rocks,and scrub. It felt good to have the ocean and rocks all to myself, and to be able to take photos of my outfit free from stares. When I returned up the hill, I realized why the beach was so empty - the uphill climb was quite a scramble! Solitary outdoor exploits were enhanced by my quintessential outdoor piece – an LL Bean strawberry print turtleneck. Sorry I wasn’t able to capture the print too well.

This weekend’s mini-trip to the desert was incredible. More on that later in the week. I hope you had yourselves a fine weekend.

Outfit: vintage Jordache shorts, LL Bean strawberry print turtleneck, motorcycle boots (thrifted), headband was once the neck of a turtleneck.

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