Monday, November 7, 2011

random snaps

I finally got this coat tailored. After finding Pete about a dozen of these handsome 50s jackets, I'm stoked to have one for myself.

this is not symbolic of my home life. hee-hee.

another "to be mended" dress found in my closet: 50s pastel polka dot wiggle

recently thrifted dress for my niece Anna.

I'm liking this color combo: mustard and pink.

Outfit # 1: 50s jacket (hand me down from my pal, Elliott), 90s houndstooth shorts, Helmut Lang top, Cole Haan loafers (thrifted)

Outfit #2: 60s jacquard pink mini skirt (hand me down, thrifted), 60s mustard sweater with tons of little holes, vintage scarf (thrifted).


  1. Oh I am jealous of the 50s jacket it is so cool, and mustard and pink who'd a thought! very cute x

  2. Yes, that drape jacket is really neat; how smart to get it tailored!! The light in your house is so soft and pretty; lovely snaps!

  3. The jacket is amazing. Also mustard and pink = the fall answer to my favourite colour combo of mint green and pink!

    ps - You have the most incredible face - just like a 60s French actress!

  4. She looks so lovely and pretty in these white mini <a href=">Indie clothing styles</a>!

  5. Thanks a lot, gals. You are so nice. Laetitia, I am so flattered by your compliment. goodness. blushing. Mint Green & Pink, a delightful color combo I will have to try out.

  6. She looks so lovely and pretty in these white mini Indie Clothing Styles! (


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