Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Northern Arizona

Jake & Daisy
I spent this year’s Thanksgiving with Pete’s folks in Prescott, Northern Arizona. It was the first time I’d been away from my family for the holiday, but I made it up to them by taking everyone out eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant yesterday. Boy, Prescott was beautiful in the Fall. All the trees were golden amber and the sky was a jovial blue. I fell off the vegetarian wagon for the Thanksgiving holiday; there are some incriminating photos of me gnawing on a fried turkey wing, which aren’t really appropriate for this here sophisticated fashion blog. On Thanksgiving, we hung out around the homestead, frying up two turkeys (my first time), and cooking (or me watching Pete’s ma cook. She is a wiz at whipping up yummy meals in no time), and then eating so much I had to nap immediately after dinner, and waking up to eat some more and cuddle next to the fire with two silly love-struck English bull dogs, Jake & Daisy.
This 1955 Bel Air is for sale if you're interested. I love the stock peach paint and matching interior.
frying up Turkey # 1

The next day, Pete’s folks showed us a real good time. They took us the Granite Dells at Watson Lake, which was beautiful. The rock formations kind of reminded me of Joshua Tree. We’re gonna come back in the summertime and rent some kayaks. After, they took us off-roading down primitive back roads leading to Jerome, an old mining/ghost town, that we love to visit when we are in town. Unfortunately, it was too touristy on account of the holiday weekend, so we continued on down to the even tinier historic town of Cottonwood to eat at a tavern and do some antique shopping. Later that day, we drove up into the Prescott Mountains to CW’s (Pete’s stepdad) folks’ home to celebrate CW’s bday with a home cooked meal. We were stuffed from our late lunch, but not wanting to let the old folks down, we made sure to eat at least one plate of food that consisted of fried chicken (my favorite), zucchini casserole, vegetables, and homemade tapioca with berries for dessert. Then we went down to Matt’s Saloon, a cowboy bar on Whisky Row, to watch CW’s friend’s country band perform. The music was pretty good too (for new Country) and everybody was dancing. Man, I wish I could be transported back in time to when Buck Owens, Lee Hazelwood, and Waylon Jennings entertained at Matt’s Saloon in the mid 1960s. I sipped about 1.5 glasses of whisky and we watched the band for about 1.5 sets before the Thanksgiving slumber set in, and we all headed home to toast CW with some Honey Jack Daniels whisky, and then off to bed.
Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ

on the primitive road to Jerome

our badass host and hostess ,  CW & ma
I hope ya’ll had a nice Thanksgiving too! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our North Arizona holiday trip tomorrow.

Outfit: vintage cheetah coat, vintage turquoise cardigan, vintage wiggle skirt, vintage peach shoes. (everything thrifted).


  1. Sounds like such a brilliant thanks giving, you look amazing in the coat, and the car is so cool! x

  2. Those dogs are amazing!!! So so cute! Sounds like a lovely holiday.

  3. I love Prescott, AZ, you are a lucky lady!


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