Wednesday, November 9, 2011

il y a des cactus

There's no doubt about it, cacti are cool. They make great backdrops for photo shoots. They’re old, gnarly, impressive, awe inspiring, and not to be fucked with. A cactus print bandage dress paired with a plastic gun holster is about the best body armor I can think of for combating tame and uninspired style, which is why I am so taken with Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2012 line. I have often thought of myself as an urban cowgirl outlaw for no other reason than that I wear ridiculous cowgirl outfits in the city. I’ve been know to wear a gun holster just for kicks, and though my style has mellowed out a lot, in my heart there’s always a gaudy cowgirl just clamoring to get out and yell “Yee Haw.”
Jeremy Scott Spring 2012
Giant Cactus in Arizona, Southern Pacific RR Lines, 1943
Jeremy Scott spring
Jeremy Scott Spring 2012
Cactus Jack's Casino, Carson City, NV
cactus sign
Last month when I was selling vintage at the Veteran’s Stadium Flea Market in Long Beach, I saw Jeremy Scott strolling around (I see him all the time), stopping at nearly every booth, carelessly flipping through books, talking to vendors. He seems really chill. He was wearing cut off red sweat shorts, an oversized sweat shirt with a purposefully gaping hole in the back, white socks, and high top Flinestone Adidas of his own design. He has really buff legs. He kind of looks like Popeye. He came into our booth. My voice trailed behind him like an eager pup.

“I love your work, especially the telephone cord print you did for Spring 2007 and those bandage cactus print dresses for Spring. Where can I buy your stuff? Like the phone cord leggings & matching top? I can’t spend more than $200 though. I’m really cheap. I mean even $200 is too much. Even though I appreciate and love what you do, I just don’t feel right about spending all kinds of money on clothes, but ya, where can I buy my favorite pieces from your collections?”

Despite my gauche tendency to talk about how cheap I am and how unwilling I am to spend lots of money on clothes, he responded very modestly and generously to my questions and thanked me for my compliments. I already knew that his stuff sells at Opening Ceremony, but they don’t stock everything & it’s never what I want & like I said, it’s usually too expensive. He told me he’d also be opening a store in Miami that would be stocking some of the best of his older collections. I told him that I’d be saving my pennies.

I’m going to take a quick trip to the desert this weekend, and I’m just so excited to get out of town. We’re gonna visit the Salvation Mountain in Niland. I first learned about this religious pastel creation when I saw the Daydream Nation photo shoot on Rookie. A desert roadside attraction within my own home state! Well you know, I just have to go. Back in the saddle again. Happy Trails, folks!

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  1. Haha... you are hilarious! I'd never seen his stuff before! It has you written all over it.

  2. Yes cacti, super cool indeed! Love those prints. WOW, I'd never heard of Salvation Mountain. It looks AMAZING. Have a wonderful trip, I can't wait to see pics!

  3. Ha ha love this Jacques Dutronc's song.

    See U

  4. I feel you and that first cactus dress are meant to be! x

  5. omg! I loooooove Jeremy Scott. I have a sleeveless sweater tunic of his with a teddy bear on it with those bandoliers full of bullets that I wear all the time. I can't believe you see him all the time!!! I have to go to that flea market. I'm so dying for the coca cola/god dress. But I can only find it online with long sleeves and I want the sleeveless one. That's great news that he's opening a store in Miami!!!!!!yippeeeeeeee

    regards, Heather

  6. Charlotte Free wearing that cactus dress, that is just priceless :)

  7. That's so cool that he seemed really down to earth and unpretentious because a lot of fashion people are...not. Have fun in Niland! I've always wanted to go but by the time my boyfriend and I find our way to palm springs we're always too lazy to drive the extra hour to get to Niland. One day!

  8. Ashley,

    I'm so glad he was nice because I can't stand a snob! Niland is a weird little town, but Salvation Mountain is definitely worth seeing!


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