Monday, October 24, 2011

start wearing purple

Goodness gang, it’s been a while. As you know, it’s much harder to be a prolific blogger when shooting with film, but for me it makes all the difference in presenting an image that is nostalgic and lo fi, and affords me the chance to rebel in little ways against modern technology. My little bigger sister took these photos with my point & shoot and I think she did a pretty good job. Of course, I judge a photographer on how good my hair looks in the pictures. Haha.

Now normally I don’t wear polyester because it’s a real sweat box as I’m sure you know, but in this instance, I love how the material maintains the stiff shift dress shape. And it’s a fun dress that compliments my recently thrifted watermelon purse!

I’m in good form these days, buckaroos. I’ve stuck to my word, and I’ve been purging my closet like crazy with flea markets and garage sales. It feels so good to get rid of the excess. I’ve also been working out pretty regularly, so I’ve got a lot more energy. And you know what else: I’ve started a budget for the first time in my life. Last week, I went three days without hardly spending a penny! I took the train to work instead of driving (and finally finished reading“A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”, probably the most contemporary book I’ve ever read). I brought my breakfast and lunch to work. I feel good. How are you doing this lovely, miraculous, Fall?

Outfit: 70s purple polka dot dress, watermelon purse (thrifted), Nine West shoes.


  1. What a fantastic outfit! I don't know what I love best, the shoes, the dress, or that incredible purse! You pull off polyester enviably well!

  2. Genius watermelon purse, Deth! Love it!!

  3. You look good enough to eat! I am seriously envious of the water melon handbag! Very good that you are on a budget and staying healthy, am currently debating on whether to start pilates of yoga got my next class on thursday!

  4. Thanks, everybody! Hannah, my vote is for yoga because there's so much more to learn, in my opinion.


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