Tuesday, October 25, 2011

purple disco platforms!

This is what I wore to sell at the Veteran's Stadium Flea Market in Long Beach a few weekends ago. I believe my outfit was slightly influenced by Tsumori Chisato's pastel infused and playful Fall 2011 line, which I went bonkers for, along with many other internet folks.
some pretty dresses we were selling

Stacy's new vintage Coach bag
I always manage to spend a good chunk of the money I make on more vintage. In this case, I found a pair of 70s purple disco platforms at my neighbor's booth for $20! I can't resist a deal even if I am on a budget. I'm afraid I make a very boring conversationalist after scoring a new vintage piece. I just want to talk about the new item incessantly and there's really not much worthwhile to say: "And they're made in Brazil, and check out this leather, and only $20, and very much the kind of shoes Iris would wear in Taxi Driver, just look at em, etc, etc...." Poor Stacy and poor folks who walk into our tent and make the mistake of complimenting my shoes. Here they are:
When shots are taken from this angle and I look so diminutive, I can't help but think I look like a hood ornament.


Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage denim jumper, vintage pastel sweater (thrifted), boots (Nine West), purple platforms (Vet Stadium Flea Market).


  1. Hahaha,a hood ornament any of us would be proud to sport on our car!
    Love the pinafore,am gagging with envy over the shoes!XXX

  2. Aw, love going to flee markets and this look is absolutely adorable. I'm loving those cute little socks paired with your fabulous platforms -such a pretty look!! Hope your day is fantastic. xo veronika

  3. Oh! A super cute hood ornament with seriously great new shoes!

  4. rad shoes!

    do you have a booth at veterans? i'll have to stop by and say hi next time i go.


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