Sunday, October 9, 2011

San Francisco: Golden Gate Park

I don't generally drink beer (think it tastea an awful lot like ear wax), but I do sing into the bottle when Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson and performing live in Golden Gate Park! That's what I'm doing here:
There were even more people at this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival than last year. To find serenity, Pete and I would retreat to the Lindley Meadow to listen to the music and escape the crowds. We could hear everything perfectly. Listening to the rugged crooning of Merle Haggard and then the sensuous crooning of Chris Issak from a sun-filled meadow was ideal, romantic, and extremely relaxing. We also listened to M.Ward from behind the fence, standing atop a redwood tree that had fallen a very long time ago. We never actually got to see any of our favorite bands, but we always found a somewhat secluded spot from which to listen, and listening is more than enough for me. We did venture into the crowd a few times, and our eyes were always pleasantly greeted with an assortment of interesting folks, and our skin was sprinkled with good vibe particles.

San Francisco is one of my favorite towns, up there with Nashville. I especially enjoy the freedom of San Francisco. If you wanna walk around naked, San Francisco is the place to go. If you wanna have a high time baked on super goo rice crispy treats, SF says "Do as you please." I only indulged in one of these activities.

 Hope everyone is well!

Outfit 1: 60s brown mini dress w/cut outs (vintage), tights (AA), Bass oxfords (thrifted)
Outfit 2: pretty hard to capture a "nude outfit", but 50s nude dress & 50s jeweled cardigan (thrifted).


  1. Yeah beer tastes like stale wee, how I imagine stale wee tastes like I mean. You look super cute, would love to see Nashville and San Francisco, naked or clothed! x

  2. ear wax lol! I'm Mexican so I make myself drink it. I love SF! I live in Sacramento :(



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