Wednesday, October 5, 2011

she was a turquoise and black heart attack

just made up those lyrics. hee-hee. just got back from San Francisco, and boy are my legs tired. that is not a joke. San Francisco forces you to walk, but I'm not complaining - I had so much fun. But I'll share all my observations about San Francisco with you in a day or two. In the meantime, I present you with a turquoise and black outfit, slightly Teddy Boy/Gal influenced. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the first holy images of my orange (more like cantaloupe) plastic purse that I recently thrifted in Compton. You'll be seeing it a whole lot more. It goes with everything, and old ladies love it!

unintentional film version of a Rothko
These photos (except for the last two) were taken by my old pal, Elliott, the soul brother I never had. We both extol the virtues of the old world, when technological times were simpler,  when folks listened to tapes and records, but, admittedly, he is much more curmudgeonly in his approach, and his old man demeanor is always the finest entertainment.

Hey, did you get a load of the Dries Van Noten Spring line? My God. I was transfixed. so bold and yet serene. And the silhouettes, 50s-esque but still so modern.

runway Images from

Outfit: 50s sheer turquoise top, Vertigo slacks, 80s pumps, vintage cowhide belt, cantalope Besso plastic purse with leather trim(thrifted), western bow tie (Etsy).

photos taken by Elliott & me with my Olympic Point & Shoot camera.


  1. I LOVE this outfit!! Amazing colors, and the Teddy Girl look is one of my favorites right now! I also adore the photos themselves, they're really gorgeous.

  2. Thank you, Dakota. You'd be a smoking teddy gal.

  3. Adore this ensemble! flipping love teddy girl look too, you rock it so well x


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