Friday, October 7, 2011

mohair cape and the itch of Fall

Well, ya'll know I'm Summer's gal, but Fall is here so I might as well dress accordingly. Mohair is one of my favorite fabrics. I picked up this mohair cape last time I was selling at the Long Beach Vet Stadium. Ain't she a beaut? She’s a bit itchy for lack of lining, but since this is turtleneck season, my skin is saved the aggravation.

As much as I like this outfit and as much as I obsess over vintage clothing, when Fall comes, I find my material possessions an absolute burden. I always get a nagging urge to purge, to start anew, to shed my skin by slimming down my wardrobe. This weekend, I’ve just got to get my wardrobe under control, so I can focus on my life and what direction I want it to take. Help me scratch this seasonal itch by coming out to the Vet’s Stadium in Long Beach next Sunday, October 16. Nakedcowgirl Vintage and Fancy Disaster will be selling some fine vintage clothing in Space D-558.

Much love to you,

Crystal Lee

p.s: I'll post my San Francisco photos this weekend.

Outfit: vintage mohair cape (Vet’s Stadium Flea Market), vintage wool shorts, orange plastic purse with leather trim, 70s platforms (thrifted), pink thigh highs (AA).


  1. Love the cape/jacket! And I know that need to clear-out a lllll too well. First thing on my to-do list once I'm home!

  2. You look brilliant love the shorts and can never go wrong with a cape.x

  3. That whole outfit is very well put together. I have been looking and looking for a cape in a thrift store but so far no success. I will not quit. I saw a nice Michael Kors one at Macys but I know there is a cheaper one just as cute out there in the universe for me.



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