Tuesday, August 31, 2010

anniversary ribs

To celebrate our 1 year of living together, Pete and I went to Naple’s Rib Company, to get ourselves some ribs. Though I don’t have a southern accent, “Ribs” is the only word that I naturally pronounce with a southern twang. I guess it’s in my blood. It was a real hoot dressing up all fancy just to get some ribs. The ribs were damn good; if you’re ever in Long Beach & have a hankering for some, I suggest you go to Naple’s Rib Company.
in Naples, Long Beach
gold & blue
We went for a walk afterward around Naples - a small tucked-away upscale neighborhood in Long Beach. It was chilly enough at night for me to wear my vintage blue babydoll coat with velvet trim. The “heat wave” only lasted for 2 days!

Though Pete & I celebrated our 1 year of living together, our story is much older than that. When I was 18 and dating a giant of a man, literally, he was 6ft 6.6", I saw Pete for the first time. He had long hair back then, longer than I’ve ever had, and he wore it in a pony tail, thrown to the side. He was wearing greasy coveralls and worked at the local hot rod shop. His shop nickname was “Shaggy.” I sat on the curb, while my then boyfriend, talked shop. Pete came out into the sunlight and looked at me with his big beautiful brown eyes. I didn’t really remember him until three years later when I met him through a very good friend of mine. This very good friend, turns out, was best friends with Pete. He, however, remembered me, and pursued me often, until we started dating when I was about 23. We dated for about a year, but he was a workaholic then and had commitment issues, and I needed lots of attention that he couldn’t give, so we broke up. I continued to go from one boyfriend to the next, living in the moment, and never expecting too much from these relationships, except fun & companionship. About 2.5 years ago, on Pete’s 30th birthday, he declared his undying love for me, whispering to me as we danced across the room, “you’re my girl.” I promptly broke up with my then boyfriend, and Pete and I started dating again soon after. For the first time, I feel I’m in a relationship with someone who’ll “walk the line” for me. Besides being steadfast, he’s tender, sensitive, smart, funny, handsome, and adventurous. And he loves ribs as much as I do! I am a lucky gal!

Outfit- vintage 60s gold dress, vintage wool jacket w/velvet cape, and Elie Tahari shoes (everything thrifted except AA tights)

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  1. That coat is a treasure and you are amazing. The end.



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