Thursday, January 3, 2013

desert winter wander.

This could be the start of a new blog series: Spying on Vintage Trailers

Julian, CA.

with my best gal, Des

This may be the best food photo I've ever taken.
Hiya gang! I spent a peaceful New Year’s in Julian and Anza Borrego State Park (my second trip to the desert this holiday season!) with my best friend and her husband.  In Julian, famous for its apple pies, we  strolled in a pioneer cemetery where two beautiful white horses were just kicking it, an image that only added to the winter charm of this historic mountain town. There was even some snow. Vintage trailers and cars dotted the town of Julian, which made me feel all cozy inside. I think I could live in a 50s trailer, as long as it’s pastel colored. After eating some tasty pie (though not heated up enough, in my expert opinion), we made our way via winding desert roads to Anza Borrego State Park, where cute thumb cacti gave us the thumbs up from every hill side, and the ocotillos waved to us in the breeze.  We stayed at the Palms Inn at Indian Head, where Pete and I have lodged once before.  We amused ourselves by playing games in our hotel room, including Apples to Apples, Yatzee, and a newly wed game where I pretty much made up all the questions. Man, Pete and I know each other so well - it’s awesome. For some reason, our hotel t.v. was set to Arizona time (an hour ahead), so we missed the ball drop, which was kind of funny, but also symbolizes how time just kind of stops existing in the desert.  On New Year's morning, our friends had to get home to their 8 month old baby, so Pete and I just leisurely made our way home. We took photos of my 1930s dress (worn last New Year’s as well), which looks just stunning against the desert backdrop. As is usually the case when I play in delicate vintage garments, my dress ripped a little, as did my heart. But I cheered up after eating a most delicious cinnamon roll at the Ramona CafĂ©, another small historical town in Ramona, CA.  Pete and I then hit up several thrift stores on the way home with NO SUCCESS.  I swear I have a sense of entitlement when it comes to thrift store shopping, like if there’s not some dream item waiting for me, I just get all riled up (for like10 mins). After this trip to the desert, I feel  relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to make 2013 a special year.

Outfit # 1: vintage olive green Levi’s stay press pants, striped vintage turtleneck, Carven turtleneck, 70s plaid purse (thrifted), 60s mohair cape (Vets Flea Market, Long Beach), snake boots (Pour La Victoire), pink sunnies (Linda Farrow for Dries Van Noten via Gilt).

Outfit # 2: 1930s velvet gown (Vets Flea Market, Long Beach).


  1. I'm super-keen on those pink sunglasses.

    The dress against the desert road (the colours!) is a different kinda spot-on.

  2. ah your new (or newish?) header is just brilliant. as are all these lovely photos, the 1930's desert dress ones especially!

  3. Your outfits are so cute and there's so much variety in the styles! I'm also a super avid vintage/thrift shopper. I'm asking all of my favorite fashion bloggers to please try an outfit with a men's tie this week. I know you could make this look really stylish. I hope you will participate.

  4. i love all the outfits going on in this here post! sounds like a fun way to spend new year's. you can never go wrong with the desert in my opinion. and yes to travel trailers! the friend's trailer that i stayed in was vanessa's! it's not vintage but it pretty much rules. such a great way to spend a weekend.

    are you still selling at veterans?

  5. damn that might just be my dream new years! i grew up in escondido so i remember all these places with childlike nostalgia. we would drive to julian all the time on sundays after church; my sister and i would shed tights and pinafores along the way and run around like ragamuffins. my mom always loved the tiny library there. one of my favorite writers, sharon doubiago, is from ramona and writes of it evocatively. glad you've got some vim and vinegar for the new year!


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