Monday, January 28, 2013

in the industrial zone

Pete’s hot rod shop has always been like a playground to me. On our first date, (we met up at his shop), I was charmed by a vintage car raised in the air, and just had to climb up into it - a move that Pete claims won his heart.  The over-sized wrench in this post fascinated me as well. “Wowser, this a big wrench!,” I exclaimed.  “I have an even bigger one”, he replied. My mind was blown.

 I shoplifted my Elvis button from the mall when I was in 7th grade during the era when I insisted that all my teachers call me “Elvis.” If you are taken aback by my confession that I shoplifted this button, don’t worry, I have already made good on my cosmic retribution - my special keepsake was lost from my life for several years. You can imagine my happiness when I found it again.

My vintage burgundy Vision Street Wears are getting a lot of wear. I think they might be my favorite pair of shoes. I’d like to find another pair for when I run these ones into the ground.

I hope ya’ll had a beautiful weekend!

Outfit: vintage wool shorts, 50s coat, vintage gray sweatshirt (thrifted), Elvis button (shoplifted), Vision St. Wear high tops (Ebay).  

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