Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Stayed home today with a sore throat and achey body, listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain's 1987 "Darklands" and The Smith's eponymous 1984 album, and somehow created some images that  vaguely recall the album covers of both of these languid favorites.


  1. Oh I love the atmosphere in these! I feel like there is a murder mystery taking place or a clandestine affair or maybe both.

  2. You look stunning like a femme fatale waiting to bounce on someone, hope you feeling better soon! xx

  3. You are so stunning, even when unwell! I hope you feel better soon :)

  4. If a sore throat and achey body is what makes you so foxy film noir fatale, then I want some!!! Phwoar! Try a nice hot lemon, whiskey, garlic, cayennne pepper and honey drink, lovey. Always makes me feel a million bucks!
    The groovy effect with the ink blots was done using Photoscape, Antique 2, I think. It's got some fun things like circular cropping, which I love.


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