Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morro Bay

wearing an old handmade slip of my grandma's. Boy, was she tiny! I can barely fit into it. I packed it just in case a the perfect backdrop presented itself and voila.I also wore it into town in Pismo Beach with Keds sneakers and a cardigan sweater when we stopped in at Old West Cinnamon Roll for a treat. 
an old house along Hwy 101. It would also have made a great backdrop for my grandma's slip, but alas it was fenced in and pretty inaccessible. The house reminds me of the one in the background of  Andrew Wyeth's painting, "Christina's World"
a barely visible Morro Bay Rock, California Central Coast

On a foggy, tranquil summer day in Morro Bay, Pete and I walked around the laid back coastal town, stopping at a few vintage stores where I scored a dress or two, shared an open faced seafood sandwich at The Great American Fish Company, and watched the seals lounge and then clown around. We relaxed in a way that is damn near impossible in Southern California and asked each other a question that comes up often “could we live here?” Inevitably, we probably could not, at least not now, but it’s nice to partake in how pleasantly slow life rolls along California’s central coast.


  1. The slip is lovely - glad you found a spot to take some snaps!

    And I love playing that game too. It is a pity to have to think about practicalities sometimes!

  2. What a gorgeous slip so lovely that its your grandma's. Yeah I want that house, I often daydream about living by the sea, would be lovely at least 6 months of the year! x

  3. I have to say, the colour of that slip suits you SO well. Beautiful! :) xx

  4. I just love California, the central coast especially with the cliffs and the sea and the fog. You look gorgeous in that slip!

  5. oh yay! you're back!

    what a gorgeous slip and photos! i actually have a handmade western suit that is very small and the second i picked it up at the goodwill i immediately thought of you! not only because of the style but it's itty bitty size :D this looks like a fun trip. ruben and i stayed at the madonna inn on our very short honeymoon. it was super fun.

    and yes i was at neil young! you should have come and said hi :D

  6. I love that you asked yourselves if you could live there!
    I've done that a lot.It's an important question! And the answer is vital.
    O,having something of your Gran's to wear, squeeze into or not,is wonderful! I have nothing! Didn't even know them, my Mother's Mother nor my Father's Mother.That first pic is beautiful, but then I expect that when I come here,and I'm glad you've come back to us so I can come here again and again.

  7. Sorry to hear that you didn't know your grandmothers dearest Helga, but I'm sure they were a pretty awesome bunch given how you turned out.


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